Hair Styles

Gender Neutral

We wanted to talk gender. Now in the salon we tend not to talk male or female. We don’t put clients into boxes based on what WE presume their gender is. We talk with our clients about how they would like their hair to be and create it for them, this is not based on them being men or women, it is based on them being a human. You do not need to identify as any gender to be welcomed here.

We have had so many clients approach us during challenging times in their lives, needing our support and knowledge to help them on their journey to finding out who they are. We have helped clients learn how to style their hair in a way which makes them feel more confident, or more included in the world around them. We have also helped when they feel they are unable to approach a salon or a barbers for help when changing from either long to short or short to long, feeling that neither a female hairdressers or a male barbers would suit their needs.

Our salon doors are open, to everyone.

Both Steven and Harry being part of the LGBTQI community themselves pride their salon on being anti discriminatory to everyone who walks through our doors. All our clients are celebrated for just being themselves. I would hope that sooner rather than later more salons will choose to be open for everyone and the divide will be no longer, no stereotypes, no discrimination. When you visit the dentist they look at your teeth, you are not seen on the basis of being male or female. This is how hair salons need to be, when a client walks in they are treated with a person centred approach, a full consultation to find out what they really want from their appointment, and the hairdresser listening to this and respecting the clients decisions.

Alongside our normal salon services we have our wig studio, this also creates other avenues for clients to change the way they look and experiment with their hair. A consultation with Steven is complimentary with no pressure to commit or buy any products. allowing clients to come in without the pressure of a sale means that we are able to support them with our knowledge and education and help them through their journey.

We would hope that clients who visit us feel safe, welcomed and treated with the upmost respect and care with no judgements made before or after their visit.