Hair Styles

A little flash of colour…….

Colour can define our mood, our thoughts and feelings. When we sit in the hairdressing chair the choices we make about our hair colour could be influenced by the day we have had, good or bad. We may be influenced by something or someone we have seen that day or week on social media or even in the street. But did you notice if this image was a photo without a filter? Did the model truly have silver hair or was an editing tool used to create a false look?But what makes having bright or creative colour in our hair such a statement?

In the past two days in the salon we have had 4 clients through the doors asking for bright colours, a flash for some and a full head of a luscious bright blue for others, for them this is a normal part of their hair regime, just like having your roots done or your highlights. But for others this is a strange new territory which they find scary or strange.

We have noticed that often as we get older we get slightly more confident in who we are, and in turn are happy to branch out and try a brave and bold new look which may or may not fit in with current styles or trends. We like it because we like it. Not because Instagram, London fashion week, or any other social media says we should.  It is very easy to sit in the chair and let the hairdresser decide what they want to do, but what do you want? Do you think about what you like before coming to the salon, have you EVER sat and thought about what YOU like?

It is important in today’s climate to know who you are and what you want and to be able to communicate this. Otherwise soon we will all look the same. Hairdressers are able to manage clients expectations, and create bespoke colours and patterns for each individual person. This can only happen through thorough consultation with the client.  Finding out if their needs, likes, dislikes have changed since the last time you saw them.

Have a discussion with your hairdresser next time you are in the chair, see if there are new colours, or new techniques in the salon which could make you re think what service you have done!